Facebook Messenger Video Scam – Is This You? Virus Infects Thousands

Facebook Messenger Video Scam
Written by Steven Hankins

The Facebook Messenger Video Scam. It’s a booby trap! Don’t Click On It!

Chances Are, You’ve Already Seen It

Have you recently received a message through Facebook Messenger that reads something like “Is This You?”, or just “You?” with a surprise emoji next to it? Did it appear that one of your friends sent a message that looks like a link to a YouTube Video? You didn’t click on it. Did you?

What Does It Do?

The link sends you to one of several pages depending on where you live, which browser you are using and which operating system your computer uses.

If you use Google Chrome, the link sends you to a page that looks like YouTube. The Web page will ask you to install an extension which will heavily infect your computer or phone with malware. Then the crooks will use your Facebook credentials to get access to your friends list and spread the attack.

If you are using the Firefox browser or a Mac computer, a fake Flash installer page will show up. If you install it, the malicious software will damage your computer and compromise your Facebook Account.

In some cases, it’s known to track what you type and allow crooks to log and store credit card details if you shop online.

Here’s What You Should Do

If you receive a message that looks like this DO NOT CLICK ON IT! Notify the friend who owns the Facebook profile from which the message was sent.

If you compromised your computer by unwittingly clicking on one of these links, call me or stop by my shop with your computer. I’ll clean it up for you.

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