Registry And Malware Cleaners – Digital Snake Oil

Malware Cleaners - Snake Oil
Written by Steven Hankins

Registry scanners and Malware Cleaners are digital snake oil and they DON’T work.

At best these so called “Registry and Malware Cleaners” may hide some of the annoying symptoms you’re experiencing. Some of these misleading products even add MORE malware to your already infected computer!

Many users swear by the performance differences they experience after using one of these products. It’s the computer version of the placebo effect. I know. It’s very satisfying watching the progress bar as the scanner runs detecting a growing list of problems affecting your computer. Then being systematically removed as your computer is healed right in front of your eyes.

Don’t waste your time and money. Get your computer fixed right at The Computer Shop.

If you want your computer to perform like it did when it was brand new, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what I will do for you…

Backups First

I will carefully back up your personal files, including but not limited to, documents, photos, music, videos and Internet favorites. You will not lose any of your personal data.

Test Your Hard Drive

I wan’t to make sure your hard drive is still physically healthy. It wouldn’t make sense to do all this work if a hard drive failure is imminent.

Wipe The Drive Clean

This will assure that every infection, and every software-related problem you were experiencing with your computer is gone. 100% eradicated!

Re-Install The OS

Then I will install a fresh, clean copy of Windows with all the very latest updates. In addition I will install the newest versions of device driver software for your computer, including the required software for printers and other connected devices.

Restore Your Personal Files

When finished, I will put your documents, photos, music, videos and Internet favorites back in their proper place.

The End Result

You now have a computer that performs like it did the day it was brand new out of the box!  Even better, because now your computer has the latest version of Windows and related software installed.

How Long Will It Take?

24 hours. I will have your computer like-new and back in your hands the next day.

How Much Does This Cost?

For a limited time I am offering this service at 20% off. That’s NOT $150.00. BUT $119.00. Don’t miss this opportunity to Get Your Computer Fixed Right. Call The Computer Shop Today. Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed!

Call The Computer Shop
(386) 466-2443


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